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All prxy hosted domains will benefit from the new spam filtering at no additional charge. We also offer this service to companies and individuals who operate their own mail server, or use other hosting services. Contact Support for more information and to request a free trial.

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Sign in: How do I sign in to the Spamblock system?

The Spamblock system is located at:
Log in with your full email address (such as and email password.

Notification email: How do I change the time or stop these emails?

By default, you will receive an email each day from the Spamblock server at 6am US/Pacific time with a complete list of the filtered spam, and links to retrieve it or confirm it is spam. To change that report, log in and click Preferences -> Notification or follow this link:

Here you select:

  • The address to send the notification to (useful if you are filtering for multiple addresses, though it will normally send to the primary address if you don't specify)
  • What sort of report to send (Brief/Detailed/Clickable)
    • Brief — just informs you there are messages
    • Detailed — a list of the first 40 messages sender and subject
    • Clickable — allows you to directly click a link (or select pop-up menus to request multiple messages) in the email to request or block a particular email. Note that anyone who receives this email can make selections without logging in, so only do this if your email is not forwarded outside of your control
  • What time or times to send the report, and what days of the week (uncheck all times to stop the reports)
  • Click Submit Changes

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Turn spam filtering OFF or back ON: I do not want any mail filtered before I receive it. How do I disable the Spamblock filtering? I'd like spam filtering back, how do I enable Spamblock filtering that has been disabled?

Please sign in and look for the "Filtering Agressiveness" heading on the home page. Underneath, click the button labeled "Disable Spam Scanning". Note that virus scanning and rejection will still be performed

If you wish to re-enable spam filtering, simply click "Enable Spam Scanning" under the "Spam Filtering Disabled" heading.

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Aliases: I have multiple addresses for the same account (same inbox). How do I access filtering for the alternate addresses?

We will configure your aliases to show up in the same spam filtering "stream" as your primary address. If you have aliases whose spam is not showing up when you log in using your primary address, please contact support

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Reporting missed spam: What do I do if spam still gets through the filters?

If spam gets through the filter to your inbox, you may:

  • Select the message and click Junk In prxy Webmail (users with mail through
  • Forward the spam to: missed-spam@(yourdomain) (ideally with full headers included)
    To forward with full headers from our Usermail webmail, you may either:
    • Select several messages in the message list and click Forward
    • Change your webmail preferences under the Options icon -> Display Preferences. Set "Enable Forward as Attachment" to "Yes" and scroll to the bottom and click "Submit"). Then use the rightmost icon over the message (document with a green arrow pointing to it) to forward individual messages.
  • If you are familiar with looking at the headers of messages, you'll find a header called "X-Antispam-Training-Spam:". You may paste the web link on that line in your web browser to train the spam filter that the message was spam.
  • Have spam training links added to the body of your messages by logging in to the spam filtering web page and clicking: Preferences -> Stream Settings, then scroll down to Bayes Settings and pick a setting for line S-2500 "Add links to messages to train Bayesian analyzer":
    • Inline — adds training links to the end of the message
    • Separate-Part — adds training links stored in a separate HTML part rather than placed in the original message text.
    • Plain-Separate-Part — adds training linkes in a separate plain-text part (recommended for proper display in Outlook).
    We also recommend S-2800 "Remove pre-existing Bayesian training links from incoming mail." This will try to remove the old links from forwarded or incoming messages.

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Challenge-Response (address confirmation, validation, etc): I use other spam filtering systems that allow me to force the sender to validate themself before I receive their email. How do I do this with Spamblock?

We aren't implementing a sender permission-based system (typically called "challenge-response" because the recipient sends out a verification "challenge" and requires the sender's "response") because it creates additional unsolicited mail itself. Spammers typically use forged addresses, so when such systems send emails asking the sender to confirm they are a real person, more often than not it goes to someone who had nothing to do with the spam. If everyone did that, our mailboxes would have more confirmation messages than anything else, since every new forged spam would generate a confirmation to someone.

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